Little Red Hen

LONG LIVE THE HENS! (and their eggs, nyum nyum nyum)

Country House Move

daffy ducklittle red henDaffy Duck, my little red hen was recently half eaten by a fox.. my husband chased him off her but unfortunately the fox had broken her leg and she was pouring blood.  I picked her up and sat her (on a towel) on my knee.. while Judy hen watched, probably in shock. I phoned all my hen owner friends, and they rallied around. We had the lovely Rachel who came up with a crate for her to put her in the kitchen. She also brought two guests an ex- paratrouper and a nurse.. hee hee!!! My other friend Teri came up with some antibiotics and a purple spray and my other friend Kelle came around with some calpol as a pain relief.. we made a splint out of lollipop sticks and strapped her up and put her in the box. After about a week we let her out to play…

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this is fab

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my cousin is a legend!

Country House Move

This little beauty is named after my Aunt Clara…. isn’t she just beautiful, she let me pick her up today after only one day out in the run (large run, been trying to pick up the others and its tough) these little things are very trusting and friendly.This is Margaret. We also went for dinner last night and ended up coming home with a Cock. He is 3 months old – born as a chick to my friends Rachel and Paul’s little hen Ethel – she was feeling broody and so as they have no cockerel they took three of Kelle and Gary’s eggs and put them under Ethel, she hatched out three chicks in May and unfortunately they have all turned out to be Male and have now had a few scraps, destined for the pot and knowing the father of this cockerel (Cock less than a year…

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I really really heart Dublin

I Heart Dublin is a new venture I’m undertaking with Maxi a pal of mine who is an incredibly talented photographer, designer, and all-around gadget wizard!  Every day he takes his camera with him into work and en route tries to take some interesting shots of our fair city.

Whether it’s junkies in Stephen’s green aping a yogi practicing al fresco, a random quirky statue that you go past every day but have never noticed before, or some seagulls contemplating life and death, he captures really unusual shots that are, IMNSHO, mesmerising.  So if you have any rich homesick friends living abroad go onto our shop and send them a photo to remind them how awesome our capital city is 🙂

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This is driving me nuts

This is driving me nuts

Who changed the sign? How come the owner/manager hasn’t noticed? God knows how long it’s been like that, I only noticed a few weeks ago.

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Taking my dad to see Tommy Tiernan

This is my dad in 1968, in his Sprite shortly before he crashed into a barricade of bales of hay.


He says things like “Capital” and signs off his emails “Bung ho”.  He’s also uber religious.  Strict practising catholic.

Anyway, the other day he was pretending that he had heard of and was really into Tommy Tiernan.

So we thought we’d surprise him with a ticket to his next show at the Vodafone comedy thing…  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Update: the “c” word was used within the first five minutes.  I squirmed.  II felt the chair beside me shaking.  The old man had tears of laughter streaming down his face for the whole show so my apprehension was needless.  There was a tiny bit of slight ribbing against the Catholic Church at the end though, or something along the lines of “imagine if Jesus was Irish” and that went down like a cup of cold cat sick.

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The Best Man

The Best Man – Peter Baxter

Here is the video for my friend Peter’s song The Best Man. A truly international collaboration with words by Australian writer Andrew Lindsay based on a conversation he had with a diver in the Greek Islands many years ago. It was recorded and produced in Dublin with Dave McCune and the video was created by Barcelona based artist Cristina BanBan and (also from Barcelona) the production team – Sense of Motion

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