my cousin is a legend!

Country House Move

This little beauty is named after my Aunt Clara…. isn’t she just beautiful, she let me pick her up today after only one day out in the run (large run, been trying to pick up the others and its tough) these little things are very trusting and friendly.This is Margaret. We also went for dinner last night and ended up coming home with a Cock. He is 3 months old – born as a chick to my friends Rachel and Paul’s little hen Ethel – she was feeling broody and so as they have no cockerel they took three of Kelle and Gary’s eggs and put them under Ethel, she hatched out three chicks in May and unfortunately they have all turned out to be Male and have now had a few scraps, destined for the pot and knowing the father of this cockerel (Cock less than a year…

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