I really really heart Dublin

I Heart Dublin is a new venture I’m undertaking with Maxi a pal of mine who is an incredibly talented photographer, designer, and all-around gadget wizard!  Every day he takes his camera with him into work and en route tries to take some interesting shots of our fair city.

Whether it’s junkies in Stephen’s green aping a yogi practicing al fresco, a random quirky statue that you go past every day but have never noticed before, or some seagulls contemplating life and death, he captures really unusual shots that are, IMNSHO, mesmerising.  So if you have any rich homesick friends living abroad go onto our shop and send them a photo to remind them how awesome our capital city is 🙂


About Kerry FitzGerald

I just keep meeting the most remarkable people.
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1 Response to I really really heart Dublin

  1. Leo says:

    Thank`s for the visit to my blog. I love the photo`s and hope to see more.I believe Dublin is a great City but have never seen it yet, the next time I go to bthe UK I must make a plan. 🙂

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