Taking my dad to see Tommy Tiernan

This is my dad in 1968, in his Sprite shortly before he crashed into a barricade of bales of hay.


He says things like “Capital” and signs off his emails “Bung ho”.  He’s also uber religious.  Strict practising catholic.

Anyway, the other day he was pretending that he had heard of and was really into Tommy Tiernan.

So we thought we’d surprise him with a ticket to his next show at the Vodafone comedy thing…  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Update: the “c” word was used within the first five minutes.  I squirmed.  II felt the chair beside me shaking.  The old man had tears of laughter streaming down his face for the whole show so my apprehension was needless.  There was a tiny bit of slight ribbing against the Catholic Church at the end though, or something along the lines of “imagine if Jesus was Irish” and that went down like a cup of cold cat sick.


About Kerry FitzGerald

I just keep meeting the most remarkable people.
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