Recently I bought a scanner. I wanted to scan in all my pre-digital camera photos, and also my dad was a genius photographer and captured some really quite brilliant shots of my mum and me and my brother as we were growing up. Less of my sister, for some reason. I think he had moved from the house where he had his dark room and had got into Chinese cooking by the time she came along. Anyway I put a few shots up on facebook thrilling and embarrassing my relations. Mostly thrilling, I hasten to add, I am not evil.  My personal favourite was one of my cousin Zoe who was captured jumping up and down excitedly in a pair of lederhosen. In the eighties… She didn’t mind, she’s pretty unflappable.   Anyway the glamour my dad and his sister surrounded themselves with was second to none, and puts my excitement about meeting Jedward this week to shame. In the albums I found pictures of my aunt with Anjelica Huston, my great aunt Nora (aka The Old Soak) with AH’s old man John and Ernest Hemingway and another shot of said great aunt taken by no less than Alec Guinness.  Who allegedly Nora was doing a line with. Rock and Roll. Kind of. There were also loads of shots of my father’s dad that he took of himself, experimenting with his camera and exposure (I guess) so he has shots of himself swordfighting himself, him disappearing from the feet up, him arguing with himself. He’d be mortified I think if he knew that this month some dude in Holland announced to the world via a column in the Irish Times “An Irishman’s diary” that he was building a museum in commemoration of the liberation of their town by the (ahem) British army and would be chiefly featuring none other than Martin FitzG himself. And did anyone have any photos of him. Snigger snigger. Well yes, Mr Veerhagen, yes I do…


About Kerry FitzGerald

I just keep meeting the most remarkable people.
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2 Responses to Scanner

  1. pat says:

    Kerry, did your Da actually take that picture of the Steinbecks? That’s unfuckingbelievablycool!

    • kezzamcfezza says:

      Yes. Dad is quite cool, in fairness. I’m just resentful that he didn’t stay in touch with these people. The most famous person I ever met as a kid was Owen Doyle, the rugby refereee. Big. Swinging. Mickey.

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